06/09/21 – Just a Distraction

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 9, 2021.




Meanwhile, back on the practical ship.


  1. Pete Rogan

    Tesfay and friends to the rescue. And though I don’t know their plan will develop a hole, I sense it coming. No logical reason. But the Stribs adapt quickly to bad situations. Or there’d still be a warehouse standing on Lapatrak. Let’s hope Diller’s luck doesn’t get too hard a tryout here, though I know it will. Oh BOY it will.

  2. Night-Gaunt

    Strafing run as seen on Star Trek and loads of war movies. Oh wait this is in space. Babylon 5 then not Star Wars.

    Look like a dove and lay bombs like a wasp.

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