06/28/21 – Inar’s Mourning

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 28, 2021.




I have built a bubble office, so I can work amidst the toxic dust of a house under construction. 🙂



  1. Sheryl S

    That’s genius! (Your office bubble, that is.) For the past 20+ years, I have lived in a series of homes under serious renovation, and yet — somehow — an office bubble never occurred to me, although we did occasionally bubble-off particularly filthy construction spaces.

  2. Since I didn’t initially see any mice, I fleetingly wondered if they had jumped ship and infested the bad puppy’s ship. No such luck. On the other hand, could they become independent records/witnesses to what the crew didn’t do to the GOP’s ships?

  3. Pete Rogan

    Ooooh, backstory!

    I wonder if Inar felt Spacetrawler crash. I mean it’s not likely he/she/it/them could have missed it. Will curiosity impel a meeting? Will mystic knowledge trade hands? You know, like: Unscramble the ship’s databases for a really mean margarita recipe?

    Let the trading commence!

    I like your work bubble/cylinder, Christopher. Wish I’d had something like it when I moved into my new place. I wasn’t told of the extensive water damage done before they repaired the roof, and this place is plastered — no drywall anywhere. Drying plaster keeps humidity levels high for weeks, but it also microspalls — it sheds dust invisibly, which choked my equipment. My repair tech said he’d seen office machines come in from headstone grinders that weren’t as dusty as mine. You should see the clouds that come off even today with a simple air can. Whoof!

  4. Muzhik

    Christopher, you work cylinder reminds me of something that happened at a big science fiction convention mumble-mumble years ago, with Harlan Ellison as the ProGoH. A situation arose with Harlan (surprise, surprise!) that was described as “Harlan Ellison against the convention, with the convention being badly outnumbered.”

    The solution was to make a room of clear plastic sheeting walls in the main lobby of the convention center. Harlan then spent the entire convention in the “bubble” working, while the guests read the display signs describing the science fiction author in his native habitat, giving the common name, species, history, etc. of the exhibit, along with severely-worded signs against tapping on the walls, shouting at, trying to feed, or otherwise disturbing the exhibit.

    1. Pete Rogan

      Harlan found he could greatly increase his impact with ‘writer at work’ settings in bookstores (I believe his first was in Paris) and he actually got some salable stories from the effort. Not surprised that he kept it up. We’re going to miss him, you know. How can we now tell if someone is a major figure in science fiction if they haven’t been attacked in print by Harlan Ellison?

      1. Efogoto

        Whenever I think of Harlan Ellison, I recall the apocryphal joke where he used the pick-up line: “What would say to a little fuck?”

        Reply: “Goodbye, little fuck.”

        The man was short.

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