07/09/21 – Dear Chiphu

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 9, 2021.




I’m so excited! Saturday morning I leave for my artist residency in Montana! Whoot! 🙂


    1. someone

      A web search for “fortificous” only returned, of all things, a fanfiction in Italian. So I’m gonna just assume that it’s not an adjective, but the actual name of the thing she absorbed.

  1. Pete Rogan

    Happy and safe travels to you, Christopher. And a productive and rewarding residency.

    I’m now going to spend a good deal of the weekend just repeating ‘fortificous’ to myself to hear the music in it. For-TIF-i-cous, for-TIF-i-cous, for-TIF-i-cous. All I need now is the hairbow and the polka-dotted muu-muu. And the styrofoam shoes, mustn’t forget.

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