09/06/21 – Not Easy To Find

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 6, 2021.




It’s so hard finding good help these days.



      Well, it is a laser, and at the speed of light, the ZAP! SPLUBT! could happen just closer enough to the Stribs that to them the sound is simultaneous with the AHCHOO!, and thus covered by it; some kind of “AHzapCHOsplubtO!”

      I wonder if Ruddock will not try to have himself designated captain, given that he is on the bridge, in the captain’s chair.

    1. Christopher John Baldwin

      @Discar, naw. “security is combing the ship.” There’s still a handful left (and even though there’s only a few, they are dangerous enough that it’s nothing to sneeze at) (sorry/not-sorry, had to say it).

  1. Pete Rogan

    Oh, for Heaven’s sake! Ruddock on the Strib ship bridge? Whatever will he do there? Ask the approxiscan for help? Or just quiz the ship and find it already coyote-friendly and cooperative?

    No telling what mischief awaits the Stribs, but they certainly have earned it. The week already promises to be glorious. Kicking back now to watch it happen.

  2. Night-Gaunt

    Why is it that when a disintegrator weapon is used people automatically think of a LASER which doesn’t leave just dust behind?

    LASER is a weapon of a Type 0 culture like ourselves. They are far more advanced.

    It is wonderfully understated how innocent Ruddock hasn’t yet noticed it is he that has been blasting beings to a smoke.

    (It must be a beam attuned to destroy flesh into vapor.)


      04/22/20 – On Not Killing Emily
      Ruddock makes reference to his collar being a laser

      05/25/20 – Dingo Team
      Bikkie references a reckless laser hole after Ruddock sneezes

      So, it is a laser.

      1. Muzhik

        It’s a byproduct of the universal translator. Rather than come up with an accurate name in the listener’s language for each type of weapon, the translator calls it a “laser” when in fact it’s a Strohl Munitions BH-209 plasma cannon. (Now with extra “ominoouuusss hummmmm.”)

        The fact that the laser is to the BH-209 plasma cannon what your dad’s old-time Colt Single Action Army revolver is to a 503D 50 caliber Gatling gun is besides the point. In both cases, you point the dangerous end (the one labeled “THIS END TOWARDS THE ENEMY”) at your opponent, you pull the trigger/push the button, and your enemy is vaporized. Ergo they are both lasers. Saves a lot of story exposition.

        (BTW — the 50 cal 503D will fire 1,500 shots per minute. I remember seeing a Mythbusters episode where they successfully used this bad boy to cut down a tree.)

  3. Night-Gaunt

    Sorry but the name doesn’t match what it does.

    There would be a huge mess of exploded and burned persons being a mere LASER.

    Imagine a being made up of 78% water being hit by a super heated beam of light.
    They would explode from all that water superheating is what. These kills are far too clean.

    1. tlhonmey

      There are some things you could theoretically do with pulsing it at very high frequencies that could break things apart without having to apply a lot of heat. Hitting the natural frequency of hydrogen or carbon for example might do it. We’re not really sure. We can’t pulse our lasers that fast yet.

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