09/08/21 – Choan Butts In

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 8, 2021.




Some people are just natural leaders.

******Edit// Hahahaha! You all are hilarious. Honestly. 🙂 But “your/you’re” has been fixed ******


  1. Jude

    Here i thought when Ruddock started with “Hey ship, I’m captain now…” that Choan would laugh and say it was a touch more complicated than that, or that it would alert the evil dogs to someone else being on the bridge. Certainly didn’t expect the results Ruddock got!!

  2. Coyoty

    “Who’s a good captain? You are! You’re such a good captain!”

    This clinches it. He knows his approxiscan can relay computer data. The translator chip definitely increases intelligence and contextual and conceptual awareness as needed. It probably installs concept add-ons in the brain, like in the Matrix. “I know Kung Fu now!”

    1. Keith

      Heh, that’s what you think. I’ve long known canids were smarter than dumb hairless primates, They also have better conceptual and contextual awareness…and rarely if ever do you catch one out on not knowing your feelings. Just remember, they domesticated us. Then created the lie that the cats did it.

  3. shoop

    “your chutzpah”, not “you’re”.

    Also you still have a typo a few pages ago, when the underling is telling the Strib leader that the entire second shift has disappeared. It should have been “the ones” but you added an apostrophe, “the one’s”

  4. Pete Rogan

    Jesus Christ in a jello mold. If Ruddock can command a hostile alien ship by brute chutzpah alone, what CAN’T he command?

    No! No! I refuse to go down that rabbithole! Who knows what lurks in its far depths, less hungry than lonely and mad about it?

    I’m going to need more bourbon to get through this episode, I can tell. Where’s the car keys?? Liquor store closes any time!

  5. Muzhik

    THIS is why you don’t secure essential systems with passwords like “1234” or “abcd” or even “gandalf”. It’s like these people are soooo arrogant that it never occurs to them that a hostile force might just take over the ship!

    BTW, on the old TV show “Andromeda”, the safety override password was, “Shut up and do what I tell you!” Loved it!

    1. DSL

      1. The Strib ship’s AI is being sarcastic.
      2. The Strib ship’s AI is just as sick of the Stribs as everyone else.
      3. 1. and 2.
      4. In an astronomically astounding coincidence, the words “Hey, ship, I’m the captain now. Feed all your information to Choan, through my approxiscan” sound exactly like the Strib word for “password.”

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