09/24/21 – Those Who Raised Stangor

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 24, 2021.




Ah, parents. And did they bring donuts? No.


        1. TB

          At one point, Dimitri actually immunized himself against stun shots by repeated exposure. This seems so useful that I’m surprised more people haven’t attempted it. Maybe it only works on humans.

  1. Pete Rogan

    Pip I said, and pip it is. Not wealth and high tech, but the RUMOR of wealth and high tech drives Stangor’s parents. And not some farcical emotional ceremony.

    Ciara’s lack of aim really disappoints me. I mean, I taught an Irish girl how to shoot. She was left-handed, a bit of a problem for a semiautomatic carbine that spat hot spent rounds into her hair — but she still shot better than I could by the end of the day. And Ciara doesn’t have the instinct? No wonder the Troubles took forever.

    But Nova and Oz79 have outlined the real problem now: Armed lunatics are in effective command of Spacetrawler, and given their history of poor decisions, are likely to make a hash of themselves, the ship, and everyone aboard it when they reach ‘Planet Gentlekindness.’

    On the other hand… given that the batch of misfits all now in on the plan to stop the Stribs now includes Aitana, Tesfay, Chiphu, Ciara and Ruddock… along with Zakzar, Khaba and ‘Killer’ Diller the space-warper… the massively bored Qwlarum, Gulfex and Halleesh… and the massively incompetent but opportunistic pair of awful parents-of-Stangor…. I think that next week we’re going to see something like a stargoing version of “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”

    I can hear Eddie “Rochester” Anderson in his crippled ship impaled on a spiny extrusion from a bit of space wreckage telling his shocked and silent wife next to him: “Well…. +I+ didn’t want to go to ‘Planet Gentlekindness.'”

    Now to lay in my supply of lemonade and lo-salt popcorn for next week. Oh, yes.

  2. rws

    To be honest, at this point if planet Gentlekindness is destroyed with a great loss of life, I shall mourn about 30 seconds. Any surviving doggies will mourn even less. I don’t see how a species with no compassion at all ever evolved.

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