09/27/21 – That Halfwit Still Has Emily’s Gun

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 27, 2021.




We all want to be armchair heroes. Now’s Chiphu’s chance!


  1. Pete Rogan

    Never considered before that Stangor and Chiphu had something of the same sort of upbringing. Strange way to bond, over a double-stun shot, but there have been worse ways to do it.

    Hurray for Chiphu evening the score! And now what’s to be done with ship and its trigger-happy crew? Who gets disarmed? Who finds out how the brig’s toiler works? Oh, such fun to be had!

    1. Zero

      Chiphu was practicing with a gun that can’t miss earlier. He got concerned when he realized he wasn’t quite sure how it was selecting its targets, since he didn’t have to point the gun in any particular direction to hit the drone and also he accidentally targeted an ally.

      But then he decided it was too cool to worry about.

      1. rws

        Not sure I understand that bit. When Emily put her coat and weapon in the storage box, she did NOT put the purple colored gun in the box. THAT is the never miss gun.

        Yet, we now have two other copies floating around.

        See 2019/10/15 strip, and the one before that.

        The one Chiphu is using does look like the never miss gun.

        I can only assume that the Emily was given several of them. Easiest explanation.

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