09/29/21 – Appropriate Actions

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 29, 2021.




Undead zombies are indeed in a special consideration category.


  1. Jude

    Your strip fits in well with the conversation my son and I had today. Both of us were aching bad (for different reasons) and when my son got up, I told him he didn’t look that great. He said it was ’cause he’s half-dead. I said “What about me then?” to which he replied “You’re completely dead”. Whenever the two of us are talking in the kitchen, our cat always shows up – which she did – and looking at her, he said “And she’s just undead.” Yet despite none of us being alive, we still buy enough groceries.

  2. Rikard

    Maybe I’m reading Chiara’s dialogues wrong, but she comes off as a queen of bullsh*t. “Nah, see, I knew this and that wuz gonna happen so I missed on purpose”. Yeah right, pull the other one, it’s got bells on…

  3. Pete Rogan

    Second time this week I’ve had a reference to Drew Hayes before me. The first one was a secondary character wearing a Poison Elves T-shirt — dashed if I can remember where it was; a preliminary search brought me no hits.

    1. Muzhik

      The mice are still on the bridge. The ones that aren’t are busy exploring the power conduits and the pipes to get the “lay of the land” (as it were), then they’ll converge on the food synthesizer and hack it to produce a cheese-like substance suitable for robotic mice.

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