10/27/21 – The War Truly Began

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 27, 2021.





Rough week last week. Someone pulled out in front of me, and I couldn’t stop in time. Now we have no truck for a bit (although, their insurance should help, it’s just a matter of the slow slog of waiting for them to decide to send us money). Thankfully both the other driver and myself were both fine.


    1. bethany pepper

      How long do you think it will take to have a reference drop to a infamous day in G.O.B. history… “the day they terminated with extreme prejudice /outlawed all insurance companies?” =D

  1. Efogoto

    You singled out the most important thing: “the other driver and myself were both fine.” Everything else is inconvenience. I hope the situation resolves as quickly as might be hoped. Good luck.

      1. Flyswatter

        Ahhh. Hope the insurance company is reliable and responsive which is not as unusual as the common perception. I’ve actually worked for one for 30+ years, and that particular company does indeed value customer service, including for those who aren’t policy holders. Good luck, and best wishes.

  2. pitgamer

    Glad to hear nobody was hurt. Good luck with insurance – if you know anyone who knows a lawyer with experience in dealing with the slows, talk with them – and don’t sign anything without that lawyer being present (or at least wait until they review the document). The insurance rep may say something like “If you sign now, you get x. If you don’t, no guarantee.” Pressure tactic to get you to not see a lawyer.

  3. Pete Rogan

    I can hardly wait to hear how the war escalated. I sense one misstep after another, but that’s the way large bureaucracies wage war, so that they don’t learn from the experience.

    Some time ago the differential dropped out of my car miles from either the office or home. I got to the office and called the insurance. They had my car a month. Since I was also providing transport for my art director, this meant both of us were living at the office and hiding from the lessors (specific prohibition against sleeping in there). I finally got my car back after Christmas. Having a shower again felt extra good. Memorable year. Good luck to you, Christopher, and I trust your insurer is less obstreperous than mine was.

  4. Night-Gaunt

    Glad it isn’t a totally loss.

    Wow the GOB really didn’t study the situation first, What a terrible waste of crews and materiel.

    Maybe should have sent diplomats first rather than a modest armada…

    Hind sight is generally 2020 and a dollar short.

    1. Tavis

      Uhhh, the G.O.B. DID try that at first (in the previous strip), to “talk them down.” The Annins only offered lip service as they took over seven more planets.

      Diplomacy failed spectacularly.

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