10/29/21 – Listening In

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 29, 2021.





Not having a truck seemed like it would be a challenge to pick up these support beams. But the good people at Barela TImber brought them by and dumped them (for a fee). That big one was heavy to carry inside though! Wow!


  1. Scott C

    It’s easy to move large beams with simple household items. Just borrow an election sign from a neighbors yard, tape a piece of paper over it, and write the following: “Crossfit! First session free”. At 6 am you’ll have a line of people in rather tight clothing waiting to carry your beams around for you.

  2. Pete Rogan

    My original terror of the Annins is correct, I see. Not nice people, and desperate for power and control. They would leave the Galaxy as dead as the French New Left. But at least for the French that was self-inflicted.

    If that 6×6 pictured is pine, then it can’t mass much less than about 150 kg. Formidable. Rollers would help, but not up stairs; I can see a lot of rope and pulleys being used to lift and steer the thing where it needs to go. The last time I saw beams of this size used, they were supporting the weight of a three-story brick house, laid into niches in the brick foundation wall. And had the imprint, still, of the hand-cranked screw jacks used to raise them to their correct and level position. As close to bare-handed masonry construction as I care to get, actually. And you’re doing this on your own? My hat’s off to you, Christopher. No can match.

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