11/26/21 – Choan Suggests

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 26, 2021.




Suggesting is an awful thing, when you feel responsible for the outcome if the suggestion is taken seriously.


  1. Pete Rogan

    A wholly elegant plan, once you bell the cat.

    Who’s going to sneak the vaccine onto the Strib ship? I know, I know, Choan fingered Aitana deliberately, but how do they expect to catch up and do the transfer without detection? Especially since the 38,000-57,000 doses needed have to go with?

    For that matter, who’s going to write the notes in all those languages the humans can read? Or were all of them doped with the translator shot? And how big is the crate to carry 38,000-57,000 notes, anyway??

    Much to ponder here. I think I’ll shift to eggnog and make sure this time we have enough rum for the problem.


      Ah, but if Choan could request Ruddock to command the Strib’s ship computer to download all the information, Choan could request Ruddock to instruct the Strib’s ship computer to UPLOAD the spec for that vaccine and produce it locally.

      And as we’ve seen at the beginning of the current series, the Strib’s first step when meeting the humans they were about to abduct was to zap them with the translator chip injector gun.

      1. Pete Rogan

        C.B. Vincent: I like your plan. I’m excited and proud to say I stand behind it. While Ruddock is at it, he can have the ship print out all the notes, too. Here’s to running every printer the Stribs have out of toner and paper.


          Evidently not my plan, but Choan’s.
          But having the Stribs run out of compatible toner cartridges would be a very nice addition to their ship being filled with robotic mice.

      1. Muzhik

        I think all the other Stribs are gone except for these 3. And hey, how long does that anti-Strib-allergy spray last? I can never get my allergy sprays last longer than 12 hours, so I REALLY don’t think the robot who dosed him can say he’s “cured”.

        I think “cured” means going through some major genetic manipulation to eliminate that histamine reaction to the Strib dander/saliva/alienmagicaldust that makes him sneeze. In doing so they’d have to be sure not to eliminate the reaction (sneezing) totally, since it’s purpose is to expel irritants from the nasal passages.

        Also, maybe Aitana can ask Ruddock to lock the Stribs up in a bathroom or something. Oh, wait! He already did! Hahahahaha…

  2. I can’t wait too see the Humans hum and harr about:
    Do we get a Vaccine that stops us from being mindless Zombies? Or do we avoid the potential health risk of a broken toe nail, a slightly sore arm or some super mild health complaint.

    1. tlhonmey

      More likely a matter of the ones which are still under mind control presumably will be conditioned against voluntarily doing things which will break the mind control… Won’t be any hesitation, just outright opposition.

      Bonus points if Choan is making them immune to Strib mind control by preempting it with her own mind control and planning to build an army of humans to take over the galaxy…

    1. @Klebert, well…. I’m not sure. The reason I chose “vaccine” is because, as I’ve shown, humans all war these helmets which steadily give them the drug constantly. I THINK antidote would imply that they got a one-time brain softener which needs cure. And I THINK vaccine would be more appropriate for preventative protection against the constant exposure.

      That said, I’m open to being convinced I’m wrong, or that there is a better word for this kind of preventative drug. I’ve done a little searching but am drawing a blank. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly a antihistamine, but maybe it could be.

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