12/17/21 – Legit Stowaways

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 17, 2021.




All selfishness should be earnest.


  1. Efogoto


    With Leb and Pally riding in Chiphu’s pockets, we can only glimpse the collars of what are no doubt fabulous outfits, but what I took at first to be reproductions of the synth hats the elders wore are instead a purple top hat and what is either a bowler or a cap. Chiphu’s done well by them.

  2. Coyoty

    This is the origin of the Joker. He sees how crazy the world he’s in is, while everyone else dismisses all the craziness, and he can’t or won’t unsee it. I hope Chiphu is more positive about it.

  3. Pete Rogan

    I could use some earnest selfishness. The types I usually encounter come wrapped in a promotional campaign to make me think it’s all for ME. Which is patently ridiculous. Like all those spam messages telling me I’m a beneficiary of some corpse in Africa with my last name… and I’m BCC’d.

    Just once I’d like to see a note from one of these bagmen saying, “I’m a miserable Nigerian would-be thief, but if you send me twenty dollars every week for nothing, I’ll be respectable.” I wouldn’t pay them for that either, but it WOULD be refreshing.

    1. Zero

      That’s kind of the joke. Normally, you want people who want to help you instead of people with ulterior motives. The mice, banking on that, lied.

      In this case, they aren’t likely to be useful to Aitana and might get killed trying to be. If their goal really was to help her, allowing them to go is a bad idea of dubious value.
      If they have their own reasons to go, though, that’s just not her business as long as they aren’t working against her.

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