12/31/21 – All Along

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 31, 2021.




Wow, almost 2022. Hope your New Year’s night is grand, that you don’t get Covid, and that the new year is filled with cookies.


        1. Thorfinn

          Don’t know if there is any connection, but in the Scandinavian languages ‘come with’ is a common (and perfectly correct) expression – and I believe a lot of Scandinavian emigrants to the US settled in the Midwest

          1. Meran

            I’m from the Midwest. Even the worst of us never did that!
            The first examples I heard of the usage was from Buffy and it spread from there. Is Whedon supposedly from the Midwest?

            (I’m always adding “me” to that dangling phrase when I hear or read it. Drives me mad!)

  1. Efogoto


    While there are perils of fatherhood (adoptive or otherwise), most of them are not generated by demented space puppies in my experience. Of course, this is anecdata. In the wider universe it may well be true that most perils of fatherhood ARE generated by demented space puppies.

  2. Pete Roullard

    We have 2 space puppies at our house. One of them was identified as being a Boogerdog by our vet. Does that count as demented? (You can see their photos and read their stories at the bottom of my user profile (Pete_R) on BoardGameGeek.) They both seem to be more of a pleasure than a peril of fatherhood, though.

    Best Regards, and Happy New Year (and plenty of cookies) to all!
    Pete Roullard

  3. Pete Rogan

    I don’t know if Diller’s presence thrills me more than it terrifies me. Granted, she has a track record, with at least one instance documented here, of saving the Pungent Lunger from sure destruction. But the solution was to translate/teleport/shift the ship to an uncertain position, taking them quite out of the confrontation. A similar shift here may take our heroes out of reach just when their presence might be most needed.

    On the other hand, there are few outs from total destruction, and Diller can provide them at need — though even she isn’t sure how, or when. All I can be sure of is that next week may open to window to a very different situation aboard the Strib ship, never mind the rest of the Strib fleet, and the unknown quantity of just what is going on down on Planet Lovingkindness.

    Sure glad I hit the liquor store earlier this week. Never mind the adventure — I have a way to ease away the hours until we resume on Monday. Hoy hoy!

    And Happy New Year to all!

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