01/05/22 – Repeated Professed Love

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, January 5, 2022.




Lots of love can feel good, but is it always good?


  1. irisclara

    I can’t say how happy I am that Diller’s along on this leg of the trip. I got a bad feeling when the kid took off her invulnerability suit. As long as Diller’s along she might even survive!

    1. Efogoto

      It could be Alkyine’s view that *any* law that interferes in the affairs of two consenting adults doing no harm to anyone *else* is “a stupid antiquated law” — *and* Alkyine had warned Ghunzk that he would be dissolved, so he knew what it was he consented to.

      I am conflicted myself, since I feel that assisted suicide is reasonable, but also that Alkyine has gone further than that. The legal and moral ramifications of ending another entity’s existence are complex and more than I care to delve into here.

      1. tlhonmey

        Especially where, for all we know, Ghunzk’s species has males which die after mating anyway, in which case even a small chance of something surviving post merge is better than he otherwise would have had.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Happy families are all alike, said Tolstoy. Unhappy families are all different.

    The same might be said for doomed love affairs. Like Chiphu’s would have been with Kiba, when they were both girls. With something of the same sort of societal oppression Alkyine is expressing after breaking equeelin. But there would still be two girls, however unhappy for whatever reason, where Alkyine might have some trace amino acids of the body of her lover in her. Is that better? Or just different? Can we appreciate the difference?

    Ghunzk knew what he was getting into, so to speak. After, he felt before, would be better. Who is to say he was wrong? Applying morality here to what is essentially personal transfiguration is fraught with all sorts of collisions of ethics that may or may not be admissible. All I know is that my personal qualifications and preferences don’t matter here. I’m not either a Darnitawl or whatever Ghunkz was/is. I have no understanding of the emotions either of them experienced, or is experiencing now. All I know is that I tend to trust personal emotions in such matters, even when the cost is prohibitive. For me, that is. Not you. Not your call. Never was, never could be. Remember that.

  3. Night-Gaunt

    Darnitawl merging with other species tends to be one way. Now as a species unless the male is supposed to be absorbed by the female then it must be a beautiful thing for them. The male bonds with the female forever becoming part of her matrix. For anyone else you are simply sucked in never to be seen again.

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