01/17/22 – The Mice Speak

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, January 17, 2022.




Huh. This was properly scheduled, but didn’t post. Apologies. Here it is!

A drop in the bucket? A buck in the droplet? A mouse in the Ruddock?


  1. Efogoto

    Most of us have to discover our own purpose in life. The mice had theirs assigned before creation, and they fulfill it by filling Ruddock. Honestly, that last little guy should have put up more of challenge in the chase to really fill his purpose.

    1. Keith

      In it’s defense (because we can’t tell the gender) it was a bit distracted. Mostly because I just find color coordinated hats annoying. πŸ™‚ It should contrast with everything else, the band may coordinate, but not the hat.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Eat and be eaten. The rule of the Galaxy, it would seem. Even if Ruddock had no prior knowledge of the culture, he understands it implicitly.

    This could complicate what will need to be done with the Stribs, if and when they’re cornered and collared. If Ruddock finds them toothsome, which is to say, edible, is this enough to establish an off-world coyote colony or three to handle their disposal? They’re by no means as hapless as the Furryites, got to say.

  3. Mgnostic

    Are synth made mice fertile? If so they would soon need the devourer god Ruddock to keep them from overrunning the world. Ruddock is a relatively young coyote. He could easily be a presence for 50 generations of sapient mice.

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