01/28/22 – Teamwork

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, January 28, 2022.




Feels so good to be getting the team back together.


  1. Andreas

    No, it’s definitely “Hear, hear”. It’s a phrase expressing agreement, and specifically telling some real or imaginary audience to listen up to what that smart person just said.


      1. someone

        See also “oyez oyez” from Old French which basically is the same thing (imperative demand for people to hear) but used more in the context is “listen to what I’m gonna announce” rather than “listen to what that other person is saying”.

  2. Jude

    While the Symbiont can be a troublemaker (like Bikkie and Ruddock), he’s got to be one of my favourite characters! I’m excited to have him along for the ride, as well as Ruddock (hurray!) and the rest of the team. 😀

  3. Pete Rogan

    Oh, no. I thought we were done with THE PARASITE and now he’s back. We can only hope Diller’s luck continues as THE SYMBIONT reattaches to its other host.

    I thought Diller had had his symbiont for a good deal longer a great deal earlier than it had INVADED Tesfay. Can’t make the revealed timeline work.

    ‘Respect’ and ‘man’s fanny pack’ in the same sentence…. No, sorry, can’t make that work, either. ‘Fanny pack’ automatically dissolves both ‘respect’ and ‘dignity.’ But I must admit, if anybody could say those words together with a straight face, it would be Tesfay.

    I won’t be getting a refill of anything for the next week or so because I am going to need both hands to hold my head as this party gets to swingin’. Oh, my head! (To come)

    1. Andreas

      Tesfay checked his symbiont into the coat check at the restaurant at the fraudulent retirement planet, presumably with the intent to leave it there, but when he tried to check it back out, it was gone. And then we saw Diller wearing a symbiont. So it must have happened offstage around that time.

      Diller is one lucky gal.

        1. Andreas

          The symbiont isn’t what makes her lucky. Her luck is likely what made the symbiont not only hitch a ride with her, but also be too miffed with Tesfay to utter even a single word the whole time.

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