02/16/22 – Parenting Units

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 16, 2022.




Ah, the good ol’ mind wipe. Saves a lot of hard memories from ruining your day.


  1. Pete Rogan

    What a fistful of loose ends everybody’s going to have to eventually unravel! Without unraveling themselves, which somehow I doubt.

    And Aitana’s going to have to convince her parents that she’s real, and has been with them for years, and they’re going to have to come to grips with that. Bloody Strib mindwipe. And all done to make them more receptive as foster parents. Bloody cuckoo’s egg. All this horror and pain for their personal benefit. For this, I hope the GOB puts them entirely through the Drak-Sim. We don’t need them in our reality.

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