02/21/22 – Captain Revisited

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 21, 2022.




Returning of the guard. Welcome back, guys! 🙂



    If the mice are smart, they were probably spooked by the stampede for the captain’s chair. Aside from merely being trampled, they’d likely be spooked by the thought whoever won the race being captain…..

  2. Timothy Eisele

    It’s been so long, I’d forgotten what became of Nogg. Hmm. Checking the archives, it looks like the last time we saw him was on 10/01/20, when he got stranded on Earth with Mr. Zorilla.

    Did they find a way to fix their wingship, or did they hitch a ride with somebody?

  3. Pete Rogan

    Oh, boy. Now the Stribs are in for the ensemble treatment. No telling what’s going to happen to who first.

    Let me see, how could this situation get terminally weirder? Bikkie and Wezzle show up? Devyat is too powerful and is in hiding anyway. Dmitri is too public. Anesu, perhaps? But she would be too perfect for this job, and would end up selling the Stribs their own ships so they could escape. Pilot? Janssler?? Red-9??


    No. I said I wouldn’t meddle, and I was about to. I’ll let it be a surprise to us all. Because I am reasonably certain the weirdness is only getting in gear. BARTENDER! Make that a regular lemonade this time. I’m all puckered out.

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