05/06/22 – You Can Be Free

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 6, 2022.




When saving people, you often won’t know who doesn’t actually want to be saved until you pry the puppy from their arms.


  1. Pete Rogan

    Nice exposition of an unexpected angle to people’s perspective on being a Strib nanny, Christopher. The job you get stuck with may be one you end up liking, after all.

    Most people don’t know that Bill Watterson’s first strip was about a lone spaceman encountering hostile landscapes and beings. His syndicate editor shot that down, and suggested he make the strip about a imagination-addled young boy instead. And so we got “Calvin and Hobbes” for ten glorious years.

    Anybody paying attention should have noticed Pauly’s premonition of this situation on Wednesday: “Is this a PURPOSE I’ve just found in life, or merely an UNPLEASANT SIDE-EFFECT?”

    Chiphu isn’t the only one who finds the two indistinguishable. Sometimes.

        1. Pete Rogan

          There’s more to Bill Watterson than you might realize. During his sabbatical he took the opportunity to learn how to draw in a 64-bit Mac program and posted some of his sketches online. I have a couple of them. Unsigned, of course, but unmistakable, right through about six graphics layers. Have you ever noticed how much he looks like Dad in his strip? And he certainly didn’t have any trouble showing Spiff blasting the xenos with horrific lightning bolts from his raygun.

          And you should see his portrait of Petey Otterloop auctioned to help Richard Thompson as his Parkinson’s slowly cost him his ability to draw. I dare you to look at it and describe it as ‘funny’ without also thinking ‘tragic.’ That’s a special kind of talent and a unique perspective. Not limited as you imagine at all.

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