05/09/22 – Like A Prison Break

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 9, 2022.






  1. Pete Rogan

    I dunno. I think Agatha Heterodyne couldn’t really improve on Choan and Aitana’s plan to free the humans. They would still need leadership after breaking out of mind-control bondage, but that sort of thing comes naturally to Agatha and she would improvise on the spot.

    Aitana could do the same, I think, in the right circumstances. Supposedly seven out of ten of us are Medal of Honor winners given the right circumstances. But the goal is straightforward: Escape the Strib mind-control nursery and get off the planet, to return to Earth.

    Only some of the rescuees seem to have found a calling caring for the Strib cast-offspring. I don’t think they’re gonna want to leave. Solving for THAT is going to take some skull-sweat, even for the preternaturally-guided Aitana. I think we can all agree that Chiphu has been near-permanently sidelined by biology, and is no longer suitable for a position with any real responsibility.

    Of course, a lot depends on what Tesfay and his PARASITE PARASITE PARASITE (sorry!) come up with to counter Captain Livvie and his fellow angry cowards. Could be a very interesting Wednesday, to be sure.

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