05/11/22 – Known Weapons

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 11, 2022.




I’ll bet that purple fella’ would make a nice pet if brought up right. 🙂


  1. Pet the scary attack beast.
    Give it a treat.
    Rub its tummy.

    Remember who its “owners” are; the most selfish little superficial shits in the galaxy. The big fella has probably never been pampered before in its life!

  2. Jude

    Christopher: “I’ll bet that purple fella’ would make a nice pet if brought up right.”

    Me: “What! You think I’m rich? It’s enough to feed one extra mouth but three?!”

    Looking at that purple ‘wanna-be pet’, I think you should start writing and illustrating books for children. It wouldn’t take long before you eclipsed Maurice Sendak’s popularity.

  3. Rikard

    Yep, that’s a good one right out of the GM’s handbook, that one is: if the PCs are standing about jabbering “Oh what to do? Oh but what if?” shovel some threat at them to prod them into action.
    Works the same in any media, doesn’t it? Show, don’t tell. Exposition via action, yes please and thank you!
    Oh and Jude’s cmment above about illustrating or writing books for kids is a gold nugget, it is! Your imagination for all creatures great and small should be shoe-in!

  4. Pete Rogan

    Well, so much for presuming the Stribs didn’t HAVE any attack beasts to throw at the humans.

    Now it’s improvisation city — and I have to agree that at this point treating it nicely might confuse it enough to make it forget it’s there to be a ravenous bloodthirsty monster.

    But my free hand is already tugging at my belt where I keep the flechette pistol. Wishing it was a Lensman-style Lewis blaster. The parasite is right; no time to do anything but improvise.

    But man, what a fight Bikkie’s missing!

  5. Night-Gaunt

    Good idea melee attack beasts are a good idea. Even they have the Strib stamp of approval in their design.

    A carnivore that won’t hurt its creators.

    That weapons collar is needed right now.

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