05/23/22 – The Ties That Wind

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 23, 2022.




Nature or nurture — frankly with the symbiont, I tend to suspect it’s a bit of both.


  1. someone

    Symbiont is currently physically disconnected from Tesfay right now. I was wondering how it could manage this shape while not having a wearer, but then I noticed it’s standing on the attack beast. Which means it’s now the attack beast’s symbiont.

  2. See, don’t need fancy knots. Just an overhand and enough determination to keep winding and tying until things stop moving around.

    I mean, where’s the wrong? Well, aside from issues with collapsing knots potentially hurting the poor beast (but the winds do help avoid too much pressure).

  3. Rikard

    I’m thinking the symbiont picks up behaviour from the host: not mimicking it but instead picking up and expressing what the host represses or is unaware of.

    Tesfay is calm, collected and focused of keeping himself together; the symbiont is excited, rash and all over the place.

  4. Pete Rogan



    The parasite suddenly doesn’t seem to need a host. And it has a club. I think that safely removes it from the category of a ‘passenger’ to that of a free-roaming threat. Hey, Ruddock — sneeze at the PARASITE PARASITE PARASITE PARASITE!!!!


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