05/30/22 – Returning Them

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 30, 2022.




I think the Stribs are almost to the end of every “good” argument they can think of. 😉


  1. Thorfinn

    Considering that this kind of jerkiness is a racial characteristic of the Stribs, I wonder how the Strib elders are feeling about this conversation – are they aghast at the callousness of the youngsters or are they admiring their ingenuity (considering that intense egotism is ALSO a Strib characteristic, I guess they would be admiring if anyone but they personally were the objects of the scheming, but find it most shocking, now that they ARE involved)

    1. Fnordius

      I would say that as typical Stribs, they either lack the self-reflection to see how they themselves are also so selfish, or are cringing under the eventual knowledge (and this growing sense of responsibility was another reason why the younger Stribs decided to dump their elderly on someone else).

    2. S. R. Lewis

      Methinks being so callous towards the elderly Stribs might be a huge mistake on the part of the younger ones… again, since jerkiness is perhaps their most defining racial trait, they might’ve incorporated backdoors into the computers on the Strib ships (assuming the Stribs’ ships are old enough to have been stolen/built by their elders)… leading to a bit of a catastrophe for the younger Stribs when the elders exploit this – perhaps causing their ships to start firing at EACH OTHER, instead of at the GOB or Calpthurian fleets.

      … screwing their own race/kids over for petty revenge sounds like just the sort of thing Stribs would do.

  2. President Elect Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    What. A. Tribe. Of. ASSHOLES! Utter. Deplorable. ASSHOLES!
    Get the Eeb to ground them ASAP, and never let them into space again, until they reform.
    Which, I would guess, MIGHT happen in 500,000 years. Might.

  3. Pete Rogan

    Strib self-centeredness approaches solipsism. These people really can’t envision any Galaxy that doesn’t take their burdens and lets them have all the self-indulgences they can imagine, with room for more. Even Lucy Van Pelt wasn’t this bad.

    I too would be calling for their spectroscopic annihilation if it wasn’t for one thing: The Stribs have breathtaking powers of persuasion and a Cyclopean ability to push illusion. How’d they come by that? Because it seems fairly obvious they stole everything they use today, by deceit, by confidence dealing, by outright theft followed by murder. That’s not a common property even in this twisted Galaxy, and it would pay the G.O.B. to find their origin and a way to keep this nastiness from ever cropping up again. Because it almost certainly will, and the next time the Striblings may be more ambitious. Time to nip this BEFORE the bud, if at all possible.

    Gin and tonic not cutting it here. Going to straight gin for Wednesday.

  4. John

    I think I just realized something, but you are welcome to laugh if I’m the last person to get the joke. The Stribs’ monitor is black and white. As dogs, they probably only see in black and white, so they would never have designed a color monitor. Excellent bit of detail!

  5. p0indexterous

    Thank you Chris!!

    For years I’ve have wondered what the evil, heartless people who call me 10-20 times a day trying to sell me vehicle warranties, SSI information and life insurance policies look like. Now when I answer the phone and and I hear “Hi! This is Meghan with car shield” I immediately envision a Strib on the the other end of the line and I yell “I won’t care for your cute kids you horrible parent” and hang up.

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