11/09/22 – Send Them All

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 9, 2022.




Sometimes it’s hard in an organization when two members with power have different management styles. 😉


  1. someone

    They don’t seem to be concerned at all by the burning wreckage next to their computer console. No one looking for an extinguisher. Bickering is more fun!

    This is fine. They’re okay with the events that are unfolding currently.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Reminds me of my brother’s quasi-Ferengi Rule of Acquisition: “In confusion, there is profit.” Or was that “In panic, there is profit”? Doesn’t matter. Both are true.

    Entire books have been written about clashes of management styles taking down even mighty corporations. The first time John F. Smith told the GM Board of Directors they needed to emulate Toyota and reduce their overlapping brands, he got laughed out of the room. A few years later, he was named chairman and disposed of EDS and Hughes Aircraft, trying to keep the company afloat. Not his fault that didn’t work — GM would later ditch the entire Pontiac company and that still didn’t keep them from bankruptcy.

    I expect the Stribs here will stumble over their leadership differences until they either zap each other or get so caught up in squabbling they don’t notice they’re surrounded by the GOB with weapons leveled. There’s a price to be paid in being too self-absorbed. But immense satisfaction in making them realize that just before you pull the trigger.

  3. Tomn

    To be honest, while the overall point isn’t so bad the little purple guy was actually getting somewhere at least, so “none of them do anything” seems an odd conclusion. Though I suppose they only saw how that one ended and not how the fight was going before the door opened and Benny Hilled the lot.

  4. Night-Gaunt

    These are the teenagers of the Stibs who thinks they know more than their adults. So, they literally took over the Strib civilization. So far only one of them has the brains to figure it out and not listened to. That’s about right for intelligence distribution. Who knows all the others that were wiped out by the coyote.

    Once you get past their technology it does seem easier to take them on. Even so none of the humans have any military training whatsoever.

    They are just about even.

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