11/11/22 – Not Going To Take It

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 11, 2022.




Not quite the Saint Crispin’s Day speech, but it’ll do. 😉


  1. Rikard

    I’m not surprised about the lack of automatic fire-extinguishers. They stole all their technology from othera and they’re lazy to the n-th level, so why steal and install something you’ll only need if something goes wrong, which it won’t?
    I’ve worked with economists-slash-accountants with that mindset, and it was about fire-extinguishers among other things that their Strib-like mindset cameto the fore:
    “Why do we need a fire-extinguisher at each work station? It’s very unlikely that there will be a fire at each station at the same time. One at a central location is enough.”
    Me: “… No. It’s cheaper to get 20 extinguishers – OF THE RIGHT KIND; NOT THE CHEAPEST! – than to pay the running fines from the fire inspector and the OHSA-inspector, and the Union rep and…”
    “But we don’t need to tell them? We can say we are continually updating and reviewing our fire-awareness protocols! And save hundreds of dollars! (Well, swedish crowns but the point stands.)

  2. Coyoty

    “We don’t trust you. We think you’d sell us out for those chips.”
    “That’s not true!”
    “I quote from your diary: ‘Ohhh, they are hot… They are so hot and sexy… I would betray my fellow Stribs for them…’ Talk about food porn.”

  3. Pete Rogan

    Interesting that the Stribs don’t care about the fire, but Science here at least is right miffed that they’re losing to the humans, or one human in particular. I guess stuff can always be stolen anew, but envy, arrogance and pride are immortal prizes that must not be surrendered, no matter what. Their sense of racial self-importance CAN NOT be questioned by other races.

    Gee, where have I heard THAT before?

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