11/21/22 – Trusting Symbiont

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 21, 2022.




Might as well trust the symbiont in this situation, right?


  1. someone

    Two down (Big Pink Guy and Eyestalk Dude), nine more to go!

    I thought Chicken Man had suddenly gained a rocking crest, but actually it’s just the jet flames from Four-Legs’ hoverbike behind him.

    Which one is next? Place your bets!
    – Chicken Man
    – Four-Legs
    – Blue Meanie
    – Space Shark
    – Pink Spider
    – Purple Snake
    – Green Lizard
    – Snout Face
    – That Guy

  2. Dr. Moosen McMoose, Chief Spymooster of the Moosad

    Tesfay’s attitude stems from being literally jerked around by the symbiont, but the gamer in me looks at this and sees a player that’s bored because their build is totally OP.

    1. Muzhik

      So you’re saying the symbiont is OP? Except he’s never bored, unless there’s no way for it to inject a bit of madness and mayhem into the situation. (And here I thought *I* had ADHD.)

      Also, at this point in the strip I keep having this thought come to mind RE: the symbiot. Something I read years ago which I had attributed to some Nazi general, but apparently (per the Modern War Institute at West Point) came from a Soviet general during the Cold War:

      “A serious problem in planning against American doctrine is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine.”

      EDIT: While searching to make sure I had the quote right, I found a source that attributed a similar observation to a German officer during WW2:

      “The reason the U.S. Navy does so well in wartime is that war is chaos, and the U.S. Navy practices chaos on a daily basis.”

      1. Dr. Moosen McMoose, Chief Spymooster of the Moosad

        In my silly metaphor, I cast the gestalt of Tesfay and the symbiont as the character being played, and Tesfay, as an entity unto himself, also represents the player. Tesfay’s demeanor here could be interpreted as bored by the symbiont not letting him do anything. It’s like if you, as the player of a shoot-em-up game, chose to sink all of your character’s level-up points into an auto-shooting, auto-targeting ability controlled by the game’s AI. One that’s powerful enough to manage every threat, but requires absolutely no skill on your part, as player. You can overcome all challenges, but it’s really just the computer playing against itself.

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