11/25/22 – Boot to the Oof

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 25, 2022.




Five down, six to go.


  1. someone

    Five done, six to go! You’re almost halfway there, Tesfay!

    And congrats, Blue Meanie, you’re the first to actually put up a fight! Sorry Snout Face, the same can’t be said about you…

  2. Jim Baerg

    Two comments:
    “Tell me you got this”
    reminded me of Maxwell Smart.
    Don’t tell me X
    I *asked* you not to tell me that.

    Given the propulsion system on those ‘bikes’ someone should try applying the Kzinti Lesson.

  3. Pete Rogan

    If they’re continuing to fly in formation to avoid mid-air collisions, Tesfay can do a lot of harm by—

    No, no, no, sorry, sorry, sorry, I said I wouldn’t do that anymore. At any rate, the parasite (SYMBIONT! SYMBIONT! SYMBIONT!) still hasn’t perceived his/her/its/their error, and likely won’t until it’s used for clothesline or reactor shielding. And maybe not then. Let’s see what mayhem results Monday, and see what happens then. (Lowers blast shield)

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