11/28/22 – Double Biking

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 28, 2022.




Never hesitate to interrupt action with a good gag. 🙂

There’s a new Journal Comic up, btw.



  1. someone

    Green Lizard down, over halfway there now! And one of the remaining enemies will henceforth be known as Shirtless Guy. Who’s next to fall, place your bets!

    – Chicken Man
    – Four-Legs
    – Blue Meanie
    – Purple Snake
    – Shirtless Guy

    I can actually see Shirtless Guy’s shirt used to incapacitate the next victim….

  2. Pete Rogan


    I hadn’t considered until now what could possibly be worse than a parasite (SYMBIONT! SYMBIONT! SYMBIONT!) capable of genetic engineering with no appreciable sense of boundaries. Hard to get past.

    But a parasite who does genetic engineering on you and STILL doesn’t comprehend your metaphors in combat comes pretty close.

    Can’t imagine what could be worse. But what I know already makes me want to (duck!)

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