02/08/23 – Sarcasm

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 8, 2023.




It never feels satisfying to outsmart someone who can’t figure out how you’re outsmarting them.


    1. someone

      Remember they all speak in their own language, and “hear” a translation in their own language done by the universal translator brain chip so everyone hears pronouns that they think are correct, provided gendered pronouns are even a thing in their language.

      1. tlhonmey

        @someone Provided pronouns at all are even a thing in their language, and provided that the species in question even has sexes for that matter.

        (And given that, even just on our own planet, there are many sexless species and also at least one species which has more than two sexes you really can’t assume anything.)

    2. Hans

      The “everyone always knows” might be an incomplete observation and an incorrect impression.

      AFAIK one will find many social misunderstandings including but not limited to any question of gender possible through this webcomic. They should just take a read frome the start, I presume.

  1. Hans

    I wonder how many ‘comrades Mouse’ still would be in this insulated sack?

    Why is bar-bot still holding the sack tightly closed? Fear of a mutiny in the mess or a messy revolution?

  2. Pete Rogan

    I’d forgotten how bloody existentially solipsistic the robot mice can be. They’d be perfectly at home in Lilliput, I’m sure, and about the right size, too.

    Now I wonder who else Alyline’s going to pluck from the void. The failed hijacking gangsters? Stangor’s parents? I need to check the archives and see who else might be floating out there. Could be pertinent.

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