02/13/23 – Kungoolean Nut Roll

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 13, 2023.




It always feels so right going down.


      1. Hans

        Digesting without some digestif? Apparently, there is the lack of some bar-bot on this space ship.

        Poor old ladies and their even poorer backs. Their thoughts go strange ways downwards when Diller is not around.

  1. Night-Gaunt

    Ah war in space. “Star Wars” treated it as a World War 2 dogfights. The great SF series “Babylon 5” they used all 3-dimensions during those space battles. Fighting in an imperfect vacuum is far different than being in some kind of atmosphere.

    Those would be the fighters not the billion metric ton ships of course.

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