02/17/23 – A Rarity

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 17, 2023.




Half of success is knowing the right friend to ask for the right advice from at the right time.


      1. Hans

        @p0indexterous – GrammEr ????

        Should be ‘grammar’ and the mice police will find you soon.

        You seem to be a spammer
        And might live behind the Moon.

        Had to make the joke. Just to poke…

        1. p0indexterous

          Ah crap…. Now the spelling cops are onto me now!
          Spanner, not spammer, gumming up the works!
          Grammar, grammar, grammar… Leave me alone!!
          More sirens…
          Gotta hide…
          Damn mice!

    1. @p0indexterous, I see your point, but I think I’m going to leave it (for now?).

      I didn’t intend it to be short for “What is happening next,” but rather, “what are we going to do next.” I’ve heard (and use) both.

      But I’ll ponder the suggestion. Maybe as it is now, it’s too clumsy/unclear.

          1. Hans

            The dictionary says:

            what next (also: whatever next)

            used to express surprise or amazement: ‘Blunt instruments! Murder! Whatever next?’.


            I will enjoy a Slipping a Mickey again and raise my glass in a toast to C.B.’s excellent lettering …

  1. Hans

    What next? No strip with a Strib?

    What a cliffhanger – we all will die from anxiety.

    Happy last words of love and friendship before an unavoidable sad encounter. Until then the distorted picture of Strangor being displayed on the globe screen is a very nice graphical and/or technical detail. Well done.

    1. @M.A., I don’t think I’ve done it on any schedule since I started it up again this autumn, but maybe have had some land on Friday (maybe more than I realized?).

      Anyhow, I’ve been sick all week, so haven’t gotten much work done, NOR has very much happened. I’ll probably do one early next week. 🙂

      1. M.A.

        My computer went belly up a month ago, taking all my (5000+) bookmarks with it. As I regain connections I’m trying to put them in some sort of order. Spacetrawler is in with the MWF batch, and the journal comic wound up there so I started checking for it on Fridays because I believe everything I tell myself (tip: try not to do that). I need to start a “Misc. sometimes” category…

        1. Jude

          Yeah, for Christopher to miss a posting is highly unusual. He’s often posted when he’s been sick before so I REALLY hope he’s not extremely sick or ill with anything serious. Just that he feels poorly (which is still no fun but not something to worry over). Hope you get better soon and I’m not say that because I want the comic. Honestly! 😀

          1. @Jude, not extremely sick! It’s just still… lingering.

            And this run of the journal comic (since I started it up again in the autumn) has been based on how much is happening, and not on a schedule (I truly didn’t want more pressure in my life). When I first arrived here I sometimes posted a few per week because there was so much new I was experiencing. But I have done pretty much nothing for the last week except get the minimal amount done of work I needed to, and sat around watching “Laid-Back Camp.” 🙂

  2. Pete Rogan

    The better part of valor really IS discretion, and it doesn’t have to be singular. Even Falstaff had friends he could rely on.

    You mean all this time Ciara’s been wearing an EMOJI? I’m faintly amused. But only faintly. For the image-besotten: Laugh, tongue out, throw TV through window, slam bathroom door. There.

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