04/03/23 – Natural Talents

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 3, 2023.




I loved catapulting peas as a kid. Not sure my mom loved it.


    1. Hans

      No offence but let me ask wether you refer to a different comic here?

      IMO life stories were swapped by our most beloved friends not the evil Strib. So it was a most efficient story on an effective defence tactic. Especially as they include Diller in their menagerie of trustworthy allies.

      Anyway the robot mice will elaborate on that and other philsophical aspects soon, I guess. Oh and make it a Mickey for me please.

    1. TB

      That is pretty weird. Obviously, it’s a bit of license so you can do expressions properly, but I’ve seen similar conventions. An invisible person in one movie I saw could hide something in his hand and you couldn’t see it.

    2. totematika

      There are known meta-materials exhibiting similar properties IRL.

      At this point I would guess that all of the organs are light blue, but dispersed by the (otherwise transparent) jello, except for the eye, which for obvious reasons needs to be able to interact with light without distortions.

  1. Pete Rogan

    Don’t think it’s a talent. My brother put a wad of purple construction paper up his nose. He forgot about it. Seven weeks later at the pediatrician’s, who was looking into his sneezing, he suddenly manifested the reason it wasn’t allergies. A remarkable feat of concealment, but I doubt you can weaponize or monetize it. And what’s a talent you can’t hurt somebody or make money with worth, really?

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