04/05/23 – Empathy and Caring

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 5, 2023.




Oh, right. Them.


  1. TB

    A lot of comedy potential in later appearances of Alkyine. Maybe show goggles floating around inside.

    Of course, realistically the character has never been shown with anything floating inside, so I assume digestion of normal meals is very rapid and indigestible stuff is emitted soon afterwards, either in a waste receptacle or a pile designated “for garage sale.”

  2. Pete Rogan

    Let’s see… Cruelty, indifference, callousness, disdain, apathy, hatred, harshness, mercilessness, misunderstanding, unkindness, antagonism, incompatibility, disagreement, discord, incomprehension, pitilessness….

    I found these and 1,048 other antonyms for ‘sympathy.’ Somehow I don’t think even all of these are sufficient to describe Strib fellow-feeling or their lack of it. Easier to just pull the trigger. Problem SOLVED.

  3. Scarlet Manuka

    Ah yes. The assumption that the three of them must be friends because they were together. Much like “Oh, you’re from ? Do you know ?” (and related versions): unless we make an effort, we don’t really think about all the people in any given category that we haven’t encountered personally.

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