04/10/23 – On Being Stuck

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 10, 2023.




Don’t worry, little Stribs, I’m sure you’ll get a generous Christmas bonus.


  1. Jude

    If their youth turn into “mentally disturbed monsters” without loving care, does that mean they become that much more monstrous than adult Stribs are now? Or does it possibly mean they might develop moral sensibility with functioning consciences – something that would seem to be monstrous and abnormal if now found in adult Stribs?

  2. TheWreck

    I, for one, find it impossible to generate even one scintilla of a scrap of a feeling of empathy for those stribs. May their end be horrifying, prolonged, yet unbloody.

  3. Rikard

    Being forced to suffer the full consequences of your own actions?
    Pretty sure that counts as “cruel and unusual”.
    Could say they’ve been stribbed of all hope…

  4. Pete Rogan

    What a dilemma. Actually touch your own offspring and prevent them from becoming the monsters you already are. Or… let them monster out, and pay a price in flesh and suffering such as no Dante could ever imagine.

    Either fate seems to me to be what these sons of b—- What? I can’t use THAT word here? How about ‘beeches’? Yeah, let these sons of beeches sprout, see what comes of it.

  5. nightgaunt

    One item they dare not say out loud is being the ones to take care of their offspring. I wonder what they were like when they had normal families?

    They have created an abnormal situation, and this is what it does to them.

    The engineered this and now it has backfired on them. They forgot what they did in the past and is destroying their very civilization.

    Chesterton warned about forgetting the fundamentals of society. The Strib have.

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