04/07/23 – Shields Locked Down

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 7, 2023.




That computer ain’t no dummy.


  1. Coyoty

    Unless Ruddock unlocks the door, we’ll have to wait to see how Gentlekindness’ society develops from the Strib babies and their human caretakers’ unadulterated children.

  2. Pete Rogan

    So Strib computers are just as hard to deal with as the Stribs themselves.


    I wonder how long Strib civilization would last if they developed their own form of ChatGPT. My guess is that it might take as long as an hour for the mass shootings to begin. Two hours for them to finish. Ditto the Stribs.

    1. Fnordius

      The thing is, I suspect the Strib did not develop the AI, but instead it was yet another “gift” they “borrowed” from a species that was dumb enough to help them.

      The whole history of the Strib seems to be exploiting other species, tricking them into helping them and then moving on once they got what they wanted.

    1. Long-time Reader, First=time Commenter

      They are on their home planet, however all their tech is stolen, so I doubt they have the ability to mine raw materials. I would guess that at best they have the ability to “re-manufacture” from other products–which is why the computer starts off with “I don’t have the tech” to build ships…

  3. russell

    They allowed the only person that knew the password to go on a dangerous mission. Bright.

    This is planet “gentle kindness”, implied to be an empty colony, not the home world.

  4. russell

    Seems like the ships – ship singular now – can go through the shields.

    After the battle, some soldiers can use remaining ship to go in and remove all personnel. Might take several trips to remove 20,000 puppies.

    Once they leave, destroy ship, planet unreachable for 200 years.

  5. 0z79

    So… that’s it. Until the Stribs figure out how to get off planet themselves, they’re truly stuck. One could even say they’re quarantined away from the galaxy at large until they grow the hell up.

    1. Pete Rogan

      Oh! Hey! THAT would work, wouldn’t it?

      With that, I’m getting another Dr. Pepper and some Lemonheads for the duration.

      Oh, and Christopher? The Strib ship computer queried by Ruddock confirms the one-way nature of the planetary shield in the comic of 17 August 2022. I forgot that myself.

    2. russell

      Only these two adults, a lot of kids, and a (very) few humans. Most are either on the home world, or in the fleet outside the shields. Survivors of the battle can go home, but not here.

      Yes, this is in essence a prison, barring someone strong enough to burst the shields.

  6. russell

    Another possible loophole – Does the shield cover the ENTIRE planet? If not, travel on ground to where shield is not, have someone pick you up.

    Or you know, convince the computer to shut it off.

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