04/26/23 – Next In Line

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 26, 2023.




That’s the problem with cutting off the heads of a Hydra.


  1. Meran

    Are there ANY adults down there with the Striblings? Will the kids be raising themselves? If so, they maybe will be a peaceful race in 200 yrs.

    How close are we to the end, where we need to be getting the next book? I’ve been (sadly) missing the kickstarters of my webcomics, book versions.

    Not that I want this crazy ride to end! And HOW SLOW does Emily’s hair grow anyway???

      1. Meran

        That’s what I meant . Between you’re writing pace, then when it’s published for us, then there’s my irregular reading of it, I had (have?) all sense of time.

        [Not a complaint! But sometimes I wish these space battles that go on for more than a day or two to have a little courtesy timer on them for readers… like “First Shot (taken by Character 1) plus 2 minutes”.

        Thanks for stabilizing my hold on Real Time ™ 😀

    1. Thorfinn

      I’ve been around to look at it and eventually found the pages. It seems the ‘Begin Reading’-link has been maldirected – it is pointing to ‘https://www.baldwinpage.com/theskillfulbrothers/2021/07/26/072621-the-skill%E2%80%A6others-pages-1-2/’, but should go to ‘https://www.baldwinpage.com/theskillfulbrothers/2021/07/12/072621-the-skillful-brothers-pages-1-2/’

  2. 0z79

    This entire arc is because the Stribs never learned to say “please,” isn’t it. ‘Cause I guarantee there are a LOT of humans who would love to take care of cute-looking puppy-dog-alien babies. Some of us are pretty good parents who can’t have kids.. pretty sure a few of them would be willing to help the Stribs for room and board.

    But they have a bizarre sense of pride that makes them want to trick other people into doing things for them, rather than being their honest (if somewhat pathetic) selves… I mean, they’re not even smart enough to weaponize cuteness properly.

  3. Pete Rogan

    I SO want the Stribs to find their own personal Little Big Horn. A show of arrogance that leaves them open to the most basic and crude of offensives. Take the scalps and the horses and leave the remains on the hillside for the crows and coyotes. Yeahhhh.

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