04/28/23 – Victory

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 28, 2023.




Her and Bikkie should get into a fistfight with each other to blow off some unused steam.


  1. Coyoty

    The main advantage the Stribs have is neoteny, where they retain their puppyish appearance and convince other species to googah over them. It’s also their biggest disadvantage, because it limits their maturity.

    1. Fnordius

      That was my thought as well. A calculated move, but on the other hand she also just saw two factions of idiots kill each other despite her best efforts.

      So it most likely is an attempt to avoid the sunk cost fallacy. Let the Stribs go hang themselves and not lose more G.O.B. firepower than needed in doing what is inevitable anyways.

  2. Max

    Repeat after me: conducting a war of attrition all the way to its conclusion just to conclusively establish who the loser is (because there will be NO “winners”) is NOT an acceptable means of conflict resolution. Sadly all too readily applicable to modern times…

  3. Pete Rogan

    Unless Halip has real-time, cross-checked accurate counts on G.O.B. and Strib ships left, it’s unlikely that the tenor of the battle is influencing her decision here.

    After all, the Thieves’s Guild made a mess of G.O.B. HQ, so she’s got some serious domestic order problems to deal with. And yet….

    I kind of hope Halip has another card up her sleeve. I don’t know that she knows Gentlekindness has been walled off from the Galaxy, but I kind of hope she’s gotten an idea of what sort of parasitic cancer the Stribs are and is moving to have them removed from the Galaxy permanently. And not through the Drakk-Sim, either.

    I mean, just picture the harm if some other species got wind of the Stribs using humans for childcare. The subjugation and proliferation of a dark race would surely upset a lot of people, even if they had no experience with humans personally.

    I find myself coming back to one question: With Gentlekindness abandoned, and a good portion of their weaponry removed, what are the Stribs going to do now? Return to their home planet and figure out another scam? Or go back to Earth and start the selection process all over again? Or return to Earth and—-

    No. Not completing that thought. I’ve seen enough of what the Stribs are capable of to wish Halip has foreseen their next move and is already in preparation for it. I’m going to cling to that thought, get some more lemonade with a bitter lemon chaser, and hold on with whitened fingers till Monday. And hope the Stribs still get their damned Little Big Horn for their trouble.

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