05/05/23 – Choan’s Help

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 5, 2023.




Poor Wezzle. I hope Bikkie finds something else to punch.


  1. Pete Rogan

    Thinking about the memory-restoration problem makes me think that for ALL of Aitana’s foster parents’s memories of her to have been erased implies at least a theoretical mnemonic construct capable of identifying, tagging, and then removing all such memories selectively. If that’s the case, constructing a similar construct from the holes in memory left behind could, theoretically, provide the framework for if not restoring the lost contents, at least approximating them so that Aitana is not a complete stranger, but, perhaps, more like a distant relative so long away that every detail of their existence would need to be reminded to them, thus allowing the hollowed foster parents to finish the job of memory reconstruction themselves. “Oh yeah, now I remember! You don’t LIKE butter pecan!”

    Just a thought. It came right after the realization that in terms of the people who mean the most to her, Aitana’s parents have already died. And Aitana is worse than dead to them, but just a stranger. I’m sick of seeing Martina’s relations punished for following her into space, willingly or no. I want Javier and Raquel restored to their real family, and Aitana as well. This first crime of the Stribs (minus the house-smashing) must be reversed.

    So say we all.

    1. Quazer

      There’s hope, actually. It’s possible that the Strib’s memory modifying tech doesn’t outright erase the actual memories but instead prunes away the connections of those memories away from any associations.

      Performing a full deletion of any memory-storage system is difficult. A file that is “deleted” in a computer system is actually marked as “available space” that can later have something else written to it, because to otherwise actually zero out that area requires writing over the area with its exact electromagnetic opposite multiple times. Likewise, actually removing a memory from a biological brain would require somehow performing a perfect exposure of the relevant neurons to both opposite electromagnetic patterns and chemical reactions.

      1. Pete Rogan

        Very true. Recovery will depend on the technology used to remove memory, which in turn must depend on the model of memory retention and removal the Stribs used to strike off those memories. I’m not cheered by the term the Stribs used for the weapon-like device that did this, which they called a ‘synapse burner.’ Against this I recall that if the Stribs wanted Javier and Raquel to serve as foster parents for their own kind, they couldn’t wipe out memories, or synapses, that provoke a parental caring response. So the actual damage, as you say, could be entirely relational — pruning away these instincts from the memories on which they are perforce dependent.

        Interesting speculation on subjective neuronic displacement. Which makes me think of something else: Who did the Stribs steal the ‘synapse burner’ from? They could have some ideas on how to reverse the effect as well. Well, we’ll find out Monday or later. I think I need a bigger Dr. Pepper now.

  2. Demarquis

    Pfft. Choan just needs to construct a new, plausible backstory where Aitana’s parents remember raising her. Doesn’t have to be the original version.

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