05/29/23 – Allaying Fears

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 29, 2023.




It’s good to have one’s priorities straight.


    1. Silence

      Book One covered this. The translation chips actually work off of information stored in the brain to create the closest approximate translation, for instance extradimensional hunters at one point talk about swiss cheese despite the impossibility of both existing in their universe.

    1. Shen Hibiki

      Oh, it wasn’t global. It was specifically about re-making connections with her. Anything that had to do with caring for her again would make them act stupid.

      So the whole pacifism-while-trying-to-survive-a-battle should be all them.

      But yeh, we may’ve judged them a bit too hard without knowing it was not their fault~

  1. Pete Rogan

    The universe is vast beyond human comprehension… but so are human needs, which are so tiny and unimportant in comparison. But not to us. You can forget the Galaxy, Stribs and all, but lose track of where you put your last chocolate bar? Not to be borne.

    And as for science puns…. I notice his site is not on your list of links, Christopher, but would I be out of line to suggest a setting for five so Randall Munroe can drop by? Just askin’.

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