06/02/23 – Thankful

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 2, 2023.




Good Ol’ Noggy Brown.


      1. 0z79

        I’ve… never actually liked Nogg. He does nothing but complain and lead ineffectually. Drags his feet when action is required, even to save the entire galaxy… unless it’s his idea, he doesn’t care.

  1. TB

    Huh. Wanted to look up an illustration of the Spacetrawler with wingships in place, and gave up after backtracking to 2021. Found some nice shots from a web search though, like this one:


    I guess I got spoiled by shows like “Star Trek” that showed establishing external shots of the Enterprise like every ten minutes.

    Now that Chris uses 3D modeling for references on things like spaceships, how hard could it be to 3D print a Spacetrawler model? I’d buy one.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Oh, good grief, don’t SAY things like that!

    Or else the next thing you know we’ll have Nogg figures, and Gurf, and even Krep, with and without the removed tentacles. It’s only a short step from there to Marina figures, and Aitanas, and Bikkie punching the life out of a Strib, screaming “BLOOD!” though you can’t hear it. No, I don’t condone putting in a sound chip to make Bikkie scream his proverbial line when squeezed.

    You get on the mad road to marketing and you won’t BELIEVE the ruckus you’ll kick up. Or how far up your hips just the Tesfay and Chiphu figures will rise.

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