Oh, Magnificent Return!



So. News.

Yup! That’s right. All new adventures of the comic, “Spacetrawler” will begin in September.

Anna Galactic ends sometime in August/September, and then I’ll switch over to Spacetrawler. There will likely be some overlap, and my best guess is that Spacetrawler will begin the first week of September.

And helping bring about this is the generous support of many of you through Patreon! Please, follow that link and help out in bringing back all the awesomeness. Also, my weekly Patreon blog will include Spacetrawler development drawings and blather! You can unlock it to read it by helping out too, by contributing over on my Patreon page.

So. Let that all sink in. AND CELEBRATE! 🙂

best! -Christopher


  1. freshelfpie

    Dood. So, so fooking stoked. Seriously, though I have about 30 webcomics on my RSS feed, and Spacetrawler was one of those saved for the last when a new page went up. Missed it once gone. You are a funny MF, and you so rarely see good humor in Sci-Fi. SF authors / artists usually take their story way too seriously. I guess for so many years the greater public didn’t take SF seriously, so the creators are a bit, um…sensitive.

  2. WarWren

    Woo hooo! Just finished the whole thing, from start to finish, in about a month. I was feeling a little bereft that the story was ending, but to find that that it is due to start again!? Epic news is epic!! 😀

  3. heng

    Woah. Nice!

    Will this be a new crew in the same universe? Follow some of the old characters beyond their epilogue stories? Deal with some stories left out of the original storyline?

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