07/21/23 – Retirement Aches

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 21, 2023.




Live fast and die old.

(heh, I wrote that and laughed, and then thought, surely I couldn’t have been the first. Sure enough: no. It’s on T-Shirts and patches and was on the British Office. It’s hard to be original sometimes).


  1. Libby

    My son and I came up with the phrase “The math isn’t mathing” to mean something doesn’t make sense. We thought we were very clever. A couple of days ago someone else I do not know used the same phrase with the same meaning on a TikTok I was watching.

    Good ideas always occur to multiple people at (nearly) the same time.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Actually, Emily might just let Zakzar, Khaba and Diller be the Three Heads of Security and see how that works out while she’s recovering at home with Pierrot.

    And let Ruddock join them as unofficial mascot. I’d like to see how he and Diller manage the next impending crisis together. It’s gonna be a pip.

    I hear you on being pre-emptively memed. Some years back I came up with an entirely new and shocking blasphemy. Shocking enough to have stunned and outraged a construction worker when I used it near him. I went looking for a reference to it, just to be sure, and found an obscure novel published on the West Coast that used it in print. So I can claim origination but can’t prove it. Phooey on a stick.

    And no, I won’t try and post it here. I don’t need to keep appalling Christopher and forcing him to delete my posts. Let’s just say that, in the interim, I’ve come up with a newer and much more grievous blasphemy that I will use when the situation calls for it. Not here, and not today.

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