08/28/23 – Just In Time

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 28, 2023.




I like watching Emily develop. Even if, if I manage to work her into future stories, there shall surely be more action scenes to be had.


  1. Nomi

    Need to be alone and avoidant attachment are not steam. They are needs, rejuvenation periods, centers of calm, stuff like that. It’s the constant presence of others that gives the feeling of steam that can blow. For people with these issues.

    Question: “treating me like some teenage girlfriend who can’t do overnights” — is Pierrot sulking like a teenage boy who wants to get laid? Giving Emily the kid glove treatment so she won’t bolt? Being friendly but polite like someone who isn’t dating seriously? I like Emily’s metaphor but can’t picture what’s going on. Thanks!

    1. @Nomi, yes, the need to be alone and avoidant attachment are real. But theoretically secure attachment is a healthier way of being, and one can often heal towards that. But we can leave that up to the therapists to duke out. (and “need to be alone” can be attributed to many things, like simply being an introvert)

      Regarding the “teenage girlfriend,” she’s just describing things poetically. We know from before that when she returned after abandoning him and their child, that he requested she live in different quarters for a period. So she’s just saying that after months he finally allowed her to move back in with him.

      1. Dr. Moosen McMoose, Chief Spymooster of the Moosad

        And it sounds like he’s interacting with her as much as he possibly can, as if there is a limited amount of time before she leaves again. That’s typical behavior for a guy with a girlfriend that can’t do overnights.

        I read it as Pierrot going from completely aloof to highly clingy. Most people would be annoyed at a lover burning hot and cold, even if they catalyzed that behavior.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Sounds like Pierrot has identified Emily’s rather self-contradictory ‘avoidance attachment’ and understands that she alone must identify its roots and deal with them. Simply by not being her, he can’t help in this quest. And temporary personal escapes won’t work forever. He’s got to know that and probably has been considering alternatives he might suggest. But as yet hasn’t found any except to let Emily be alone as much as possible.

    He’s got to know that however Emily deals with this problem, she’s got to change fundamentally. Either she abandons flight or she accepts that from time to time she’s got to get away where no one can find her — not even Ruddock — and she’s got to deal then with what she really feels when there’s no one within light-years to talk to about it.

    Pierrot might go along with this… but I imagine he will find it difficult to part with Emily knowing that, for all he knows, from misadventure or inner resolution, he may never see her again. And he can’t tell her that, or he’ll just worsen Emily’s internal conflict on this matter.

    Don’t really like the situation either of them are in, frankly. Emily’s got to grab her soul by the hair, hold her at arm’s length, and begin the final interrogation. Knowing it just might not end anything but her peace of mind. But either she does this or she keeps backing up into her own reflection in every mirror, over and over and over again.

    Oh, Emily. Grow some self-understanding, will ya?

  3. 0z79

    I understand wanting to bolt. I’ve actually left online communities, or quit shopping at certain stores because I was a “regular.” Those who have been excluded their entire lives, are rarely comfortable with being part of anything.

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