09/01/23 – Going It Alone

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 1, 2023.




Surprises lay ahead for all! 🙂


      1. someone

        Yeah, it doesn’t look like they’re bringing the crates with them, just the luggages, what with telling Choan to lock the door and Ruddock being left behind (since we know he goes with Choan instead). Those crates are staying there to look like generic sci-fi clutter like in video games when they don’t know what to put to make a room look less empty so they just plop down a crate or a barrel and done!

        1. Tavis

          It looks to me like the crates are moving themselves; there is a shadow that suggests they are hovering instead of sitting solidly on the floor. Also, their arrangement is different from the way they appear in the first panel; they moved. It is unlikely that Peirrot or Emily would have placed them in the way right behind them as they leave, not when they were stacked so nicely aside before, unless they were setting up some kind of barricade to keep Pottybot from following. 😛

        2. Nomi

          I thought so too, but for once I listened to the audio version of this page and apparently those crates are supposed to be floating and following the family. So Potty-Bot has stowed away in a crate and they did not succeed in giving it the slip.

          Chris, if they are supposed to be floating, maybe give them bigger shadows or something?

          Also, typo in panel 3: should be “notice we’re leaving,” with an apostrophe not “notice were leaving.”

  1. Pete Rogan

    Oh, wonderful! An entire strip that’s one complete complex turn of three-card monte! I applaud your wit and your deftness, Christopher. Potty-bot in, Choan out, and Ruddock in, bing bing bing. I laughed so hard I drooled my Scotch.

    I can hardly wait to see what Choan makes of Ruddock, and vice versa. They both have charmingly direct ways, but pointed in different directions. I expect encounters that look a lot like Darin Bell’s “Candorville” where Lamont and Clyde talk past each other: “What?” “What?” Only more tangled and context-mangling.

    This is gonna be fun.

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