09/20/23 – Finally Regret

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 20, 2023.




In Werjimond’s defense, she’s never heard of Choan.


  1. Pete Rogan


    An end Werjimond did not expect nor plan for. Which makes her functionally useless to Choan as well as to the Council. Who, if they have any word of this, will be filling their drawers very shortly. If drawers they wear.

    Movable object, meet irresistible force. All that follows this moment is the result of gathering inertia. The question now becomes where Choan will propel Werjimond, the Council, indeed the entire planet. Where else can Choan get the information she needs, and what, if anything, will she do with it?

    What does Choan even begin to expect to be able to do with the power she is collecting? Or is that too a matter of gathering inertia? Quickly, please — that rumbling is getting louder.

  2. Jude

    Others may not agree with me but I find Choan a rather unlikeable person. While it’s true she makes a formidable ally and has proven to be very helpful to our group, she’s the type of person I’d not want to know. She’s completely amoral and the only person she cares about is herself. I believe she’d even sell/betray Dmitri if it was to her advantage.

      1. Jude

        Oh, I understand completely. A story can’t exist if all the characters were altruistic, even the “bad guys”. The fact I can dislike Choan shows Christopher’s ability to weave this story. A story where one can personally feel vested in the characters …or not.

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