09/22/23 – Backing Up

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 22, 2023.




This reminds me of one of my favorite running jokes from “Groo, the Wanderer.”
“As any fool can plainly see.”
Groo: “I can see that.”


    1. Silence

      I mean… this is Choan we’re dealing with. She’s on this quest to determine if she’s a threat or not, I’d say this is a breakthrough if a wise one decided that the best answer is “I am not qualified to handle this one.”

  1. Pete Rogan

    Coming up: A very practical test of Choan’s powers of observation and sense of irony.

    Does she let herself be taken into custody? Does she do so only to learn what kind of Bupillionesque jail she can break out of? Does she even think of such a thing?

    And since she didn’t get the wisdom she expected, where’s she off to next? With or without vengeful pursuit?

    So many questions. So many panicked civilians. Dear, dear.

  2. Meran

    We are Groo fans… 🙂

    Panel 5: that lamp pole looks like she’s trying eyedrops or it’s just sticking there, like a hypodermic needle. May I suggest just removing it? Normally, I ignore such things, but that’s just bugging me, sorry.

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