09/25/23 – Tsk Tsk

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 25, 2023.




It’s good to be wise, and it’s also good to know which side of your toast that the butter goes on.


    1. Jude

      I was going to say the same thing as it’s the first time I noticed only one leg. Instead of running, I guess they hop quickly instead. “So, how do you put your pants on?” “Same as everyone else. One leg at a time. “

      1. Kirt Dankmyer

        They have two arms for the same reason a Coyote has a tail: Balance. With only one leg and no binocular vision, they’re going to need help balancing themselves.

        The fact that two arms are ALSO useful for tool use is a bonus.

  1. Pete Rogan

    How anti-Candide! Choan, if not the moral superior to Werjimond, is at least as conscious of the purported value of hard-to-seize tech, and so remains at least a step (or hop) ahead of her and her motives. Which means a net loss in wisdom for all concerned, Choan not the least of them. What can she say she learned here except that greed and advantage-seeking cross universes? Doesn’t this mean she’s already superior to everyone in this universe but the Bupillions themselves?

    Then it’s a wasted trip. And Choan seems to already know it and is happy to concentrate on stealing more unknown technology as a condolence. I hope she’s happy with the result. We haven’t seen anything close to a result yet.

    Got to wonder if the cops retain jurisdiction wherever Choan’s pothole drops them. An interesting question with an interesting answer, I’m sure.

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