Well, i feel I’d be lax in my duties for not mentioning it. But, last call, today’s the last day for the One Way Kickstarter.

But… since it has only JUST reached half-way, I do not anticipate it reaching the goal. Which is fine. The KS was just enough to print and ship, and I did not anticipate making any notable profit. It just would have been nice to get it out there. So… I’ll look into P.O.D. options. I’m mostly just sad that so many people thought the ending was lame. I’m still rather fond of it. But, there it is. I can only be a genius 99.7% of the time. 😉

Oh, wait, unless I’m a MISUNDERSTOOD GENIUS, in which case maybe it’s still 100%.

I’m yet to be willing to relinquish my 100% genius club card. if no other reason than the grocery discounts it provides.


01/14/15 Vampire’s Ballad

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  1. For the record, I liked the ending of One Way. I can’t see it having ended any other way.

  2. I agree, If you read many 1900-1950 sic-fi short stories they have similar pace and endings. Not all ended in nicely tied up packages with no loose strings.

  3. Thank you both! But, please, let’s not go there here. Next thing we know, someone will feel the need to discuss here how they feel the ending was disappointing. (the final strip of “One Way” already has 58 comments giving opinions on both sides).

    Some of you loved it, some thought meh, and some disliked it. I’m resolved and okay with that (and at this point, for my self esteem, which is of course tied into all of my work, I’m trying to not think about it. Instead, I’m trying to do my best with prepping Anna Galactic, moving forward)

  4. It’s no “We Rogues of Wool”, but it’s nice to see this aspect of your 100% misunderstood genius again.

  5. OK.. I appreciate what Chris was doing with One Way and I’ve read enough science fiction from early to mid last century to understand the vibe he was going for.. and having given it another weeks’ thought, he actually nailed it.

    That said.. I cried at the end of it all. Actual tears were shed over this ending.. it was quite upsetting to me. But then, I’m a very sensitive person… I couldn’t stop thinking about what Orion’s feeling all the long trip back home.. but I got over it.

    So.. well done on that comic, Chris!

    ….do I still have a giant target on my back?

  6. It wasn’t the expected ending. It’s almost surprising that we’ve gotten so used to the twist ending and the total wrapup that a simple conclusive termination surprises us.
    This ending wasn’t what we expected, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s not like it figuratively spit on everything we’d already gone through and ground out it’s cigarettes in our eyes. (I could name several games and tv shows that have done that in the past 5 years, but won’t.)
    Genius card discount? Not at the stores around here, except for Discount Minions Plus, and trust me, nobody buys from them more than once.

  7. One Way was the right way to go. Enough said.

    Vampires are predators, we are the prey. Though some human attributes seep through dependent upon the interpretation the author gives it.

    And you really can’t imprison a vampire too easily. They really don’t fit our penal and legal systems. So a staking then cutting off of the head is what they get. Then being burned to a crisp and ashes scattered is the final step. Though others in the past in Hungary, Romania etc. would cut off their heads and rebury them arms and legs positioned. Such graves have been found, including last year of 2014.

  8. And again I say: you can make your vampires as you wish in your story, if you wanna get them imprisonated, you can do it! There’s no rules!

    I like a lot this vampire, btw…

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