There was the stone age, the iron age, and then, as always, the drinking age.

Tonight (Thursday) I went to a lovely party for a couple hours, filled with artists and just creative, neat, fun people. It’s strange the different lives I have. The local community life. The back-home family life. The online life. The multiple imaginary worlds I create life. And yet, it’s all one life.

I feel pretty lucky. or like a cat. 🙂

01/16/15 Drinking Age

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  1. hahaha!!! very good page sir…

  2. I guess no hypnotic power for him. And he seems to not want to use his vampire strength to get in.

  3. This made me laugh out loud. Especially his face in that last panel–he *does* look too young to drink, all of a sudden, and pissed-off and pouty about it!
    I’m really enjoying this vampire strip. I know you’ll go on to your next project soon, but I hope that if you get more ideas for Vampire Bicycle over the months, that you will draw them up when you have time. I’ve always loved black-and-white art with really dense inks like this, and the subject and humor is right up my alley.

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