01/16/15 Drinking Age



There was the stone age, the iron age, and then, as always, the drinking age.

Tonight (Thursday) I went to a lovely party for a couple hours, filled with artists and just creative, neat, fun people. It’s strange the different lives I have. The local community life. The back-home family life. The online life. The multiple imaginary worlds I create life. And yet, it’s all one life.

I feel pretty lucky. or like a cat. 🙂

01/14/15 Vampire’s Ballad


Well, i feel I’d be lax in my duties for not mentioning it. But, last call, today’s the last day for the One Way Kickstarter.

But… since it has only JUST reached half-way, I do not anticipate it reaching the goal. Which is fine. The KS was just enough to print and ship, and I did not anticipate making any notable profit. It just would have been nice to get it out there. So… I’ll look into P.O.D. options. I’m mostly just sad that so many people thought the ending was lame. I’m still rather fond of it. But, there it is. I can only be a genius 99.7% of the time. 😉

Oh, wait, unless I’m a MISUNDERSTOOD GENIUS, in which case maybe it’s still 100%.

I’m yet to be willing to relinquish my 100% genius club card. if no other reason than the grocery discounts it provides.


01/07/15 Laika’s Regrets


So, um, the One Way Kickstarter is floundering a bit. I’m sorry so many of you were disappointed in the ending (although glad so many of you loved the ending!), I’m still very fond of it. I recommend you all go and pre-order, and make it work! But… if the goal isn’t reached, I will look into Print-On-Demand options, so it can happen.

And allow me to assure you again: Anna Galactic is funny crazy sci-fi adventure and has a very satisfying ending.

In the meantime, more Vampire insanity.



01/05/14 Hello, Luna


One week in to the three-week campaign for the One Way Kickstarter. And 1/3 of the way there. Whoot! Right on track. Buy your advanced copy today!


This weekend I dew, wrote, and painted. I saw live music at the local cafe, had brunch with a friend, and snuggled with kitties. What more could a poor boy ask for?

Speaking of kitties! Babette is still looking for a home. Anyone in the NE poking for an extremely playful sweet 1.5 year old with all her shots and is spayed?


01/02/15 Clear Cut

Welcome to my interim comic “Vampire Bicycle.” A non-story gag strip which will run for a few weeks while i finish up development of Anna Galactic.

The situation is that of Whitby, a young man (a wee bit over 600 years old), and his werewolf companion, Laika. Whitby rides the globe on his bicycle, pulling a coffin behind him so he has some place to sleep during the day.

Enjoy! -Christopher